Now does Vinyl Labelling - Hangers, Table Numbers and more!

About Me

Owner & Flower Designer

 I'm not big on the whole put your FACE out there saying...I prefer to show off my flowers, I am.
Started my hobby/business in my late 30's, and love creating every chance I get. 

How It All Began...

 I moved to Calgary, Alberta at the beginning of 2008 from Sudbury, Ontario. Not because I didn't like it there but because I had fell head over heels for a man who worked with my mother out here. Yes mom found me my husband.

I was sick, he was poor and it didn't matter to us. 
I had Chronic Renal Failure for many years was on disability and when I moved here (no friends yet) I was bored. I started to sell AVON to meet people but needed something for my crafty fingers to do.

A search on the internet for paper flowers brought me to videos of NYLON FLOWERS!  I was intrigued and fell in love with what I could do with wire and nylon...
Wanting to share my passion of creating beautiful flowers I started selling them just as a hobby, then after many Bridal Shows and some Markets, I am now a small home-based business.